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Making Pickup and Delivery Possible

DealerPickup offers groundbreaking software to dealers who are ready to start getting serious about offering pickup and delivery in their service departments. We offer solutions to the most common challenges of pickup and delivery. Awareness, Logistics, and Reporting.

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DealerPickup allows you to offer pickup and delivery services to your clients when and how it fits into your dealership plan. We are not selling you a driver service. With our tool most dealerships can succeed in offering pickup and delivery utilizing your current staff. We offer targeting tools that allow you to ramp up your new service at whatever pace you are comfortable with. We remove the human element to marketing the service. This puts you in control of who gets offered the service and who doesn't. Let us show you how. Learn more.


In the age of grocery delivery, ride share, and instant gratification, what can dealers do to stand apart from independent shops? DealerPickup allows you to deliver a 21st century experience that consumers expect. Clients will have easy access to appointment scheduling, driver location, vehicle status, and advisor contact all while sitting in the comfort of their own home. Dealer Pickup allows you to do this all with minimal extra effort from your team. We are all about automating as much as possible as we understand the difficulty in adding another tool to use. We built our software with this in mind. Let us show you how easy our tool is to use. Schedule a demo now!

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Offering pickup and delivery in your service department has been proven to help with your dealership reviews and retention, but it is also a revenue generator. Customers are willing to spend more for convenience when using pickup and delivery services and we give you the ROI reporting to prove it. Instant and relevant data is what we are all about. Schedule a demo with us to learn just how much extra your dealership can earn. 

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