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Everything You Need to Know

What are the biggest challenges of starting a pickup and delivery service at my dealership?

1. Getting your employees to offer the service to everyone.​ This is extra work for your employees and many revert to what they are used to. 

  • DealerPickup handles this for them and creates the appointment without your customers needing to remember any login information. It takes 10 seconds and happens right from their mobile phone.

2. Setting up a new process so you don't drop the ball when client's expectations are high.

  • DealerPickup handles all of the logistics for you including confirmations, driver location, vehicle status, damage liability protection, and even review requests.

What are the main advantages to offering a pickup and delivery service at my dealership?

There are 4 main advantages.

  1. Retention - Real differentiation that customers care about vs. the aftermarket shops who don't have the ability or staff to offer this service.

  2. Revenue - Dollars per RO will increase on every pickup and delivery appointment. 

  3. Reputation - Higher review ratings and higher survey scores. This is a wow service. So much so that clients routinely offer tips.

  4. Solution to market to customers offering value instead of discounts. 

How do I get started?

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